LGBTQ+ Inclusive Gaming in WNY

LGBTQ+ Inclusive Gaming in WNY

Welcome to the Buffalo Gaymers! We are Buffalo & Western New York’s resource for inclusive gaming and geekery

Whether you’re interested in Tabletop RPGs, Card Games, Scrabble, Video Games, or something entirely different – we’re here to help you make this place feel more like home (whether you’re missing your favorite restaurant at the end of the universe, or a distant planet in a land far-far-away).

We hope that we’ll be able to bring out the adventurer in you on a daily basis, get you involved in some weekly or monthly gaming, and help you make some new friends, and fellow adventurers along the way.

Please join us at some of our upcoming events, or feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Now, roll 1D20!

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