A long time ago, in a land far, far away…Buffalo Gaymers was formed. Actually, it was in 2017…well…2019…actually…neither of those are technically correct…it was really more of a 1984 thing…but time is slightly wibbly wobbly…so we’ll go with 2019 because in the context of this timeline it makes the most sense…but not really.

Anyway, as a whale and a bowl of petunias were hurtling toward earth in a seemingly improbable moment of probability, the whale was looking for friends, the bowl of petunias was being rather Nietzsche about the whole thing, to be honest, and as the whale went splat, and the bowl of petunias bemoaned its existence, our great adventurers decided that it was about time that a new league of heroes was formed…they looked around…and rummaged in their Quiltbag, found their BuJOs and their D20s, and began planning.

A few rolls later, and the Buffalo Gaymers was born, as a place for Gaymers of all stripes – be they Video Gaymers or Tabletop Gaymers – to come together, make friends, share food, and get through the long dark winters together, as they ensured that themselves and each other always managed to find adventure in all the things!


Our mission is to create LGBTQ+ inclusive gaming experiences, spaces, and community for all gamers.

Thanks to Aaron Clift for our Header & Logo!